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The Sauna Pants

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  • .GET READY TO SWEAT LIKE CRAZY:Sauna pants for women weight loss made of heat-trapping polymer fabric, help you raise temperature in a short time to speed up burning extra fat around the abdomen and thighs; sweat more which is burning calories and releasing toxins.Sweating and slim down easily.
  • 2.COMFORTABLE SAUNA PANTS: The sauna sweat pants are made of excellent thermal insulation without being too thick or stiff fabric. It is lightweight and stretchy around upper thigh & butt so that it can be put on easily. You could squat, jumping jacks with ease in this durable sauna leggings.
  • 3.TUMMY CONTROL SAUNA SUIT: The sauna compression leggings combined with waist trainer and thigh shaper. The high waisted workout pant goes over whole belly with 3 adjustable hooks,providing double firm compression on your waist, speed up perspiration in your stomach core, shaping an hourglass-shaped waist.
  • 4.PERFECT FOR DAILY WEAR: Thermo pants fit just like a normal pair of leggings, are comfortable to wear during workout or during the day as you go about everyday house hold cleaning. Good for hiking, yoga, walking and exercise in general.

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