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The Belly Sculpter (Grey)

The Belly Sculpter (Grey)

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The ShapeLust Belly Sculpter is the perfect addition to your closet. Wear anything with confidence by sculpting the belly and hips! Nobody will know you are wearing shapewear!

The Belly Sculpter features a seamless construction, which provides a smooth and invisible look so you can wear whatever you want and feel your best!

This shape-wear design helps you to achieve a slim silhouette in seconds and reap the benefits of midsection control and back smoothing.


Wear it under your dresses, jeans, tees, and more! No matter what you are wearing, the belly sculpter will make you feel like a million dollars every day and enhance your natural body.


Don't let the smooth and sheer fabric fool you - this shaper has control. With a lightweight outer layer and a cotton lining for added comfort, our mid-thigh panty is designed to flatten your tummy, lift your bottom, and make beautiful legs look even better. This style fits like a glove, providing support where you need it most.

Shapelust is a line of comfortable and high quality shapewear. We offer the best shapewear solutions at affordable prices so you can feel confident and beautiful from the inside out. Our products are comfortable, flattering and practical, so you can look and feel great everyday!

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